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What exactly does "Target Rating Point" (TRP) stand for?

The Target Rating Point, also known as TRP, is an index that provides information regarding the reach and frequency of advertising messages directed towards a specific audience. TRP, or total rating point, is a measurement that simply indicates how many people or audience members are watching a specific commercial. The TRP is a method that can be used to determine how effective an advertisement is. TRP, which stands for "television rating point," is a tool that determines how many people watch a particular station or program. It is also known as "television rating point."

The Total Ratings Package (TRP) is a tool that helps determine which shows are viewed the most by the people as well as the sentiment of the people with regard to viewing of various channels and programs.

In October 1999, SET India Private Limited and Discovery Communications India joined up to develop SET Max, which has since become one of the most watched channels on Sony Entertainment Channel. The venture was a cooperative effort between the two companies.

This station, which is well-known for its extensive movie catalogue, has gained a large audience with its live telecasts of Indian Premium League (IPL) Matches.

As a consequence of this, the channel, which initially functioned as a new division of the Sony Entertainment channel, has now separated its programming schedule into two categories: the most well-known, up-to-date, and successful movies, and the most exciting IPL matches.

The channel provides a source of entertainment for millions of people with the most recent films by airing popular programs such as Maha Movie and Mera Movie, as well as Ab Tak Bachchan and Sunday Housefull. These films may all be viewed in the comfort of one's own home. Along with its new initiative to transmit the matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL), this channel has attracted the largest number of sponsors and has set the highest prices for each advertisement.

As a result, the channel has been providing itself with the most recent entertainment packages since the year 2002.

In India, the channel known as Sony Max, which is sometimes known as SET Max or just Max, is a Hindi film channel that is run by Sony Pictures Networks India.

It was first introduced in July of 1999[1][2, and it frequently broadcast cricket matches (notably the Indian Premier League from 2008 to 2017).

Since the middle of the 2010s, it has shifted its primary emphasis towards the presentation of dubbed South Indian films, mirroring the strategies of its primary competitors, Zee Cinema, Star Gold, and Colors Cineplex.

However, the majority of what is broadcast on its foreign feed are Bollywood movies.

Since 2002, it has been using the phrase "Making You Crazy," which translates to "Deewana Bana De."

The most popular Hindi film channel in India, which is owned and operated by Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), has.

The new motto of Sony Entertainment Television's "movie and events" channel, SET Max, is "more cricket, more movies." SET Max focuses on both movies and cricket.

Prime time on SET Max now begins at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, rather than the more typical 9 o'clock in the evening. The station intends to broadcast current hit films from Bollywood, such as Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Mohabbatein, and Mission Kashmir, in this more advanced time period.

In addition, a greater emphasis is being placed on cricket, and coverage of the next championships that will take place in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh may be expected.

Kacon Sethi, head of SET Max and vice president of marketing and sales at SET, explained the plan to NetScribes and stated that the purpose of the redesign was to reestablish the brand identity, which had become tarnished over the course of the previous year.

The channel had fallen behind other competition in the entertainment industry, such as Zee Cinema and Star.

Mission Statement of Sony Max in order to preserve and preserve viewership on the station shortly following the conclusion of IPL.

To keep viewers captivated to their television sets throughout the telecast of the movie; to generate a tremendous buzz and enthusiasm about the telecast of the movie by integrating live tweets during the telecast of the movie; and to attract notable people to begin talking about the movie.

The Strategy That Sony Max Opted To Use

It was decided to open up the matter for discussion on Twitter.

On the official website of the station as well as on its Facebook page, an announcement was made regarding the plan to integrate LIVE tweets on air during the transmission of the movie. This announcement was made.

The goal was to build an interactive movie experience that was unique in its category and to improve the audience's overall movie-watching experience.

A new advertising campaign has been launched by Sony MAX, the premium Hindi movie channel that is part of the Sony Pictures Network. This move is in celebration of Sony MAX's accomplishment in being India's unrivalled number one Hindi movie channel.

The ad is based on the notion "Naaz Hai Humein Apni Deewangi Pe," which represents the nation's obsession with Hindi Cinema as well as the influence that Hindi Cinema has on the ordinary moments of life.

The channel will be releasing a number of short films that demonstrate the ways in which cinema lovers have assimilated the Deewanapan aesthetic into their lives.

People from a variety of backgrounds are shown in each of the three TV commercials that each last for forty-five seconds, and they show how ardent cinema fans view every scenario through the lens of a 70mm camera.

In addition to this, the campaign makes an effort to convey the expansive range of feelings that lie beneath the many characteristics of Hindi cinema.

We chatted to Vaishali Sharma, Head of Marketing and Communications for Sony MAX, about the brand's future marketing initiatives, the acquisition of new content, and what's in store for viewers as the channel began celebrating its 20th anniversary.

In addition to distributing well-known Bollywood films, Sony MAX was an early leader in introducing South Indian dubbed cult movies into American households. Some of these movies include the wildly successful 'Baahubali' series, as well as 'KGF,' 'Kanchana 3,' and 'Yevadu.' Its interesting and original short-format content, such as "Bittu Bak Bak," "MAX Fully Deewaney," "Producer Champaklal," and "Dr. Pran Lele," has garnered a significant amount of attention and admiration from viewers.

Shows such as Indian Idol and Super Dancer are carrying on their legacies and never fail to increase the same level of curiosity and entertainment value with each new season.

The ratings for viewing are most important for Sony TV on the weekends because that is when their best non-fiction programming is broadcast. Sony MAX came in second place with 0.10% of the market share, while Sony TV came in first with 0.20%. The most watched programs on Sony TV was "Indian Idol 12," which aired at 20:00 and had 62,700 viewers. The next most watched programs was "Super Dancer – Chapter 4," which aired at 21:30 and had 50,200 viewers.

Set Max was able to gain a little viewership advantage over other general entertainment channels (GEC) thanks to the fourth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

This is in spite of the fact that the number of people watching IPL-4 was lower than the number of people watching IPL-3.

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